Friday, February 11, 2011


Well it is not exactly spring break, but I have been off work for 3 days leading into the weekend because of snow so it might as well be my spring break. I have actually enjoyed the break. I have literally left the house about three times in three days and that is okay w/ me. Laundry is getting washed and toys are being organized. I might actually get to do some painting today.

     Do you have a favorite cup when it come to drinking your coffee? I do. I have a couple actually. This is one of them. I don't know why but my coffee taste better to me in certain cups. What is even stranger is that I won't even try coffee from restaurants, I only like it out of my $20 coffee maker.

Little guy w/ the big guys. I got these picutes last week when we got the little snow. We didn't even get out and play in the bigger snow we just got.  I guess it is fair to say we are over it!

We have done a lot of coloring, goofing off, and playing w/ play doh.  Westyn is really into coloring but still tries to eat them so his coloring is often times cut short. Since play doh keeps Jackson busy for over an hour at a time it my favorite.

No play doh for Westyn, but he loves baths..

Geez Jackson, you are so creative making that cap for your dinosaur.
I plan on taking more pictures today, all day actually, so there might me another post coming up.
I can think of so many things I want to do during this break, let's see if I can stay focused and do them?
Stay Warm!

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