Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

This post has nothing to do w/ Valentine's day and I apologize I have nothing cute to add about Valentine's day but I don't. No excuses. The boys both had sweetheart parties at school and when I picked them up it was meltdown city at our house. Just imagine a full day of sweets, cupcakes, suckers, etc.. this led to an uneasiness w/ eating anything healthy for the rest of the night.

I do think that Jackson did understand Valentines and I had a great time addressing his valentine's for his class.

We have a busy week this week since we are taking a trip back to Tulsa to visit! All of us are very excited to go back and see our old family and friends. It will be a short visit but we plan on fitting in all that we can. Let the tiredness begin.

I can't really have a post w/o pictures so I wanted to add some pics on here of some really cool ideas I can across online. 

 I found some of these canisters at Hobby Lobby but I am waiting on them to be half price
I am still really struggling w/ our toy situation. I truly feel that there has got to be some solution out there for me, it may involve some sort of anxity medication but I really liked these two storage solutions.


Tarin said...

Oh, so you can get back to Tulsa within a few months of moving but you can't manage to get back to AL in 2 years? I'm hurt. :( Not to make you feel guilty or anything.

Hailie has the storage cube organizer thingy and I LOVE it! I just wish ALL her toys would fit in it, some are just too big.

kvedwards said...

It is sad that it has taken us almost 4 months to drive 3 hours to visit. It shouldn't be surprising it has taken us 2 years to drive 5.5 hours.. we will come visit, it is next on our list. Not to mention that I have had another baby during that 2 years... no excuses, just saying.

Brad & Amy Johnson said...

u need to come see my toy solution--affordable and i think it looks good (in my opinion). we used 4 black metal shelving units with black egg crates. we put pics of what is in crate on front of each one. the kids actually keep it neat.