Thursday, February 03, 2011

A little bit of everything
Well, I needed to share a few pictures I had taken about two weeks ago of the boys helping w/ my Yoga video. Prestyn actually did more of the video than I did.. hah! Ridiculous I know.

It is HARD.. that yoga w/ Jillian Michael.. H> A>R>D.

On a different note, I messed w/ my curtains and wanted to share what I did. I had spotten this table cloth at Target (imagine that) awhile back and loved it. It appeared vintage to me and I have been looking for that nice RED clearance sticker and finally got it. I decided to cut the square table cloth in half and make curtains for the hearth room w/ them. Those windows are small anyways and I like the light they let it. I do like the look of curtains on them as well so I win both ways.

 Isn't this fabric just fun??? I think for late winter early spring it is the perfect set of colors.

Isn't this guy cute too! He goes just as perfect w/ those homemade curtains.

And don't worry, I found a place for the other curtains too!  All of this re-arranging for $11!!

 I really wanted to post this picture for the doubters out there. Now I realize the tension rod is bent, but it was one I already had and wanted to give my idea a try w/o putting any holes in a perfectly fine wall.I will buy a new and better one soon. I have been wanting privacy for these little windows by the door for awhile. Buying blinds would be expensive and I am not sold on the idea of having them covered at all times. With these curtains hung up I can close them as I want too. It doesn't look great from the inside w/ them closed, but that doesn't bother me.

I have many more bithday pictures I would like to share but I need to get permission first. For now I will leave you w/ this one.

I know you aren't going to like this mom, but this my artsy side coming thru. I dig it.

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