Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quick blog (no pictures, sorry)

So, I just thought I would blog about this week so far since I have ten more minutes of freedom. Currently both boys are in the bathtub which is my secret place to send them so I can eat or get on the computer. Westyn is splashing and yelling and Jackson is probably pinching him but I don't care at this point.

Westyn has an ear infection in both ears, fun times! Jackson has been such a good sport over the last couple of days and is now being ignored and yelled at thanks to the needy sick child. I turn 30 next week-- so I am in a deep stage of denial or depression.

Just so things they do that I don't want to forget... Westyn is a terror at the doctor's office. I am sure most 18 months are but he is so bad. I think the next time he gets sick I will just wait it out because it might be easier. Both boys are still in love w/ the Sandlot movie. During certain scenes Westyn runs and does a slide (even w/ an ear infection) and they both point their pointer finger in the air. The more I watch the more I like it.

I will have much more to post later hopefully.. back to sick Westyn.

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