Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My dear boys:

You two are wearing your mom and dad out!! I love it, but man it is exhausting.

Jackson is learning so much and is so smart. He made a comment this morning that he had a butterfly in his ear, and I know the twittering feeling he is talking about. The innocence in him is so adorable. He likes to tell on the kids in his class, at least to Shaun and I.  You get out of bed on your own like a big kid these days and although I love it, it makes me kind of sad. You still like to have one of us lay w/ you and read or tell stories.

You can tell you love your little brother, and that makes dealing w/ two rowdy bossy boys worth it everyday! I know you won't always get along, but I truly hope you are able to lean on each other when you need too.

His brother, quite the opposite. This kid loves to hear himself scream. When I say scream, I mean scream! The minute I walk into his class at daycare he starts yelling "bye bye".. over and over. He still isn't really to keen on that place. I guess it is fair to say we are already dealing w/ the terrible two's.  That is totally what it feels like. His hair is finally coming in!!!!!!!!!!!! It is about dang time. I was looking back at Jackson at 18 months and he had a mop on his head. It is crazy how these boys can be totally different. Westyn, you are so lucky to have a big brother to watch over you. I don't think your dad and I could do it without him.

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