Sunday, January 16, 2011

An addition to my Addiction (Hobby)

Well, thanks to my darling husbands support I have decided to go ahead and set up a small portrait studio in my house. The cost was relatively cheap surprisingly for what I wanted to do.  I can tell looking for props is going to be my downfall! Conway has some awesome antique stores that I will be doing must of looking at. I am sure I will end up digging thru my parents attic and garage at some point.

Here are some pictures of the boys in my "mini" studio that I took to try it out.
My little Red Head!

Surprisingly this kid was my best subject when it came to trying out the new studio.  He was only still for a couple of minutes but at least I was able to get a couple good shots when he was.

There is a football somewhere.. oh wait, he just threw it at my face.

Yeah, there is a story behind these. Missed a nap, woke up early, too much sugar, etc...

Michelle had a great idea to make Valentine's Day card w/ the boys pictures for their classmates. Obviously Jackson's picture is hilarious. I like to think he is saying "Be Mine or I will cry".

I was playing around with another idea before I got the studio and this was the only subject I could get to play along.

                                                    I like to think she is my special Valentine too!!

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Tarin said...

How stinkin awesome! I'm so jealous. Although scenery is more of my forte so a studio wouldn't help me much, just for portraits of Hailie and I manage with scenery for those.
Great pictures of Wes and poor Jack, what a pitiful face.