Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A post with a lot of words, not a lot of pictures

It has been awhile since I have written a lot on here so I thought I would write and document somethings before I forget all about them.

  • Tonight while reading books with Jack he referred to a firetruck having fire in it's hose instead of water. Found it pretty cute that he doesn't understand that fire trucks actually put out fire and it is water in that hose. Oh well, one day he will get it.
  • Jackson also informed me today that Starbust candy is gum and you spit it out when your done. I am not going to correct him on that one. I figure it might be healthier that he spit it out instead of swallow it. But that could be my ignorance too.
  • The other day I came home from work with just Westyn. I kid you not, that kid walked straight into the living room, picked up a piece of trash and then went to the kitchen and threw it away. No joke. I couldn't help but smile. I have never told him to do that or taught him to do it.
  • Westyn also starts yelling NO the minute we pull into the parking lot at the worst place ever  school and doesn't stop until soon after I leave the building. It is sad, but also funny. I don't remember Jackson ever being that smart. The kid is stubborn and fiesty.
  • Jackson is on this Fiber One cereal bar kick... the kid could eat dozens a day if allowed. Westyn can finally master the spoon and loves to feed himself vogurt. He is so bad about breaking into the pantry for snacks that you will find our bottom shelf empty on purpose.
  • Dino Dan is still the favorite cartoon at the moment. Franklin is coming in a close second and of course Caliou is always in the running for some crazy reason.
  • Shaun hates that I don't iron his red shirts. Well, he doesn't hate it, but I know he reads this so this one is for him.
  • OH yeah, one of the funniest things is that jackson thinks a candy cane is called Dr. Pepper. I am not going to correct him on that one either. I have actually tried, but like his dad, he knows it all. Sorry babe.. I am on a roll.
  • Westyn is still crazy about remote controls and cell phones. He will be a tech geek when he grows up I am sure. He has some really awesome Christmas presents that he will not touch. He still likes to stuff toys in other toys and look for things he isn't supposed to have. Crazy kid.
  • We started a new bedtime routine this week and all was going well until Shaun and I both laid in Jackson's bed and broke it. No joke on that one either. Diets are a must. I wish I had my camera when that happened.
  • Westyn has finally decided he loves his Aunt Gigi. I think her picking him up at the worst place ever  daycare did the trick.
  • Piper has put on a little extra weight and Tug is elated about the four wheeler.
  • That is all I can think of for now, not a bad start right?
  • I am still working on the diet thing. I am just eating healthy and exercising when I can. I got over the pink eye but now we have snow and below freezing temps and no treadmill. So, exercise isn't happening like it should. Here is a pic of my face.. ha ha.. I got a new hair do.. not a great pic, but just for fun!

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Anonymous said...

For your information, I never read this :)

And a quick side note.....the bed broke on the side that I was laying on :)

Love ya, Shaun