Monday, January 10, 2011


Snow days aren't really my thing, I get stir crazy.  I love to watch it snow, but after awhile I start tinkering with things.  Shaun has to work in this great weather so me and the boys are spending more quality time together. We did go outside for a bit. It is a lot of work to get them layered up and then layered down again.

I have already organized toys, finished most of the laundry, cleaned floors, bathrooms are in good shape. Now that I have an extra day what am I going to do? I can always craft... like maybe make a new lamp shade. Shaun repeatedly gives me a hard time with my lamp obsession. I just love the light they give off and recently got rid of some to make room for new ones. I tend to switch out lamps every year, which to him seems insane. They have to match your furnishing and decor, and since we just moved into our new house it seemed to be something we should change. I thought instead of buying a new lamp and shade I would use stuff I had and just do a re-do. Here is what I did..

It is a work in progress, but I used an old basket as a lampshade and love the light it lets out. I actually have a little lamp shade placed under the basket. Shaun was pretty sure the basket itself was flammable so I cut a whole at the top and then placed it over the other lampshade.
it is cooler in person i promise! I plan on painting the stand part, but not sure what color yet. It needs something else, maybe ribbon, who knows. I like it!

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