Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thank goodness for a nice and sick free weekend!

Besides a few meltdowns from a cranky certain somebody, we did have a great weekend.

Jackson was a big helper on Friday and let mom get some pictures of him as I practice for my upcoming mini session.

I love the second picture. Jackson's face is so funny yet cool. I think he is finally getting okay w/ all the pictures mom insists he takes. Let's be honest, getting the other one to sit still is a joke. I can't wait to get to start taking more pictures outside, I LOVE SPRING AND SUMMER and so does my camera. Ha Ha

*Before I forget I have to post something sweet Jackson did for me today- I was trying to bring some plants in the back door and hit myself square in the middle of the forehead with the door and it hurt. I let out a big "Ouch.. ewhhh" and instantly my eyes started to swell up. Did I mention it hurt? Jackson was standing there and got so scared and sad for me. He ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug and started crying. It was so awesome to see the little guy care so much. His heart is so big and I love that about him.

I have no idea where this guy was during mom's little injury. Probably digging thru the pantry... being a mess!

or he could have been reading his Little Bible...

As much as I wish he was reading this... and staying out of trouble.. no such luck.

Look, you can kind of see his chipped tooth.. Top Front left!! I am still so baffled by this tooth thing. I went almost 27 years before I finally chipped a tooth.. and it was in the back. This kid isn't even 2 yet and hasn't made a peep of it. He is keeping his hands in his mouth a lot more???

And this is how we end our weekends... relaxing!

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