Monday, February 28, 2011

Are you happy Mom?

I swear sometimes Jackson is the smartest kid in the world. I guess about a month ago he started asking Shaun and I if we were happy? Usually this was after he had spilled his snack all over the kitchen floor, or when he purposely stepped on his favorite toy in frustration. However, there are times when we are both tired of just work, etc, and he will ask us if we are happy and it makes us both realize that "Yes" we are. It is crazy how many times these little kids have to remind of us of our blessings.We are adults, we should be the one reminding them but so many times the situation is reversed.

Then today we were playing and he let me borrow his hammer which I started brushing my hair with. He preceeded to tell me that I wasn't supposed to do that but did listen and kept brushing my hair with it. This kid recited me word for word and scolded me for not listening to him! Such a proud moment!

He loves to be a big brother in that he likes to tell his little bro "No" and "Stop it" for me! I like the idea, it just doesn't really work. I can send him to check on Westyn and usually he comes back w/ the full honest report to what that kid is into!

Perhaps the biggest blessing of our week was when Jackson fell asleep on his own and without Shaun and I while we tended to his sick little brother. It is as if he knew we had our hands full and he didn't need us {which is really sad now that I think about it}.

Are you Happy?

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