Monday, December 06, 2010

A Mom's Moment

I just thought I would comprise a post without any pictures of my boys, but rather of written memories. 
This move to Arkansas has been one of our most exciting moves for several reasons, but it has been one of the hardest at the same time. Moving with 2 kids is way more difficult than having one and being pregnant w/ one.  We have 2 schedules to get back to normal and 2 mouths to feed and the list goes on.
One of the biggest adjustments I am making, and the boys, is the daycare adjustment.  Althought they are in good care, it changes everything on a daily basis. Jackson doesn't eat as well as he did w/ Jenna.  They learn words and behaviors at daycare that I haven't had to deal w/ in quite some time, if ever.  It seems as if we have reverted back to bad sleeping habits. I am happy to say that the last 2 nights have gotten a lot better. This cartoon clips pretty much sum up how I felt over the past week....

What makes these cartoons so funny is that they are just dreams! This is totally what happens when you try to rest...
Parenting and a lack of sleep can take a toll on you!
Thank you boys for finally making the adjustment and letting mom and dad get some rest!
We love you!

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Tarin said...

I'm with you girly, adjustment is hard, especially with kids. Hailie took a long time to adjust to our most recent move. I hope things are on the uphill side for you now.