Friday, December 10, 2010


I really wish I had time to take all the pictures I want to take when it comes to Christmas. As I fall more in love with photography every season I realize how much color and art there is to every season.
I found these images online and I love the concepts...

                                  This gives me the perfect little idea for my master bedroom
                                    I love scarves... wear one about every other day.... Love this wreath!

I am pretty sure Shaun won't let me hang a branch in the house, but I love this look!

This look would be easy and fun as well! Maybe for next year since this year is about over.  I guess now would be a great time to start getting some fun winter ideas ready for after christmas. 

I hope to add some photos later of the boys and my new foyer table I found at the one and only TJ Maxx and More.  Sorry Target, you let me down on this one. I am starting to have Target withdrawls, I haven't been in about 2 + weeks. This is mostly due to the crowds I know it is drawing and the lack of patience I have this holiday season!

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