Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weeks 3-4.... Man, have we been so busy that I don't even have time to blog much anymore... ridiculous. I figured I would get this blog in before the ice storm hits and we are without power. I can't even tell you what has kept us so busy except that I can't seem to catch up on anything. Shaun and I are both working out and getting ready for our trip in March so that might be why all my spare time is devoted to everything else that I have to get done. Last weekend was wonderful, or maybe it was two weekends ago, anyway.. these are some shots we got when the weather was decent.
My future singer...or sooner, which ever he prefers. Wes loves to hear music though and the only thing that will put him to sleep sometimes is when I sing him Jingle Bells.. yah, really. He loves that song, he starts out laughing and by the second chorus he is out like a light. HOWEVER, he is working on 3 new teeth this week so Jingle Bells is only working after I have sang it like five times, if then..
And this guy.. what can I say. He is crying, and I know it looks sad, but try to see the fun in it. I assure you there was nothing really to be crying about.
We have had some illness in our house so potty training is currently at a halt..not too happy with that, but it is understandable considering the cirucmstances. Maybe I will have time to post more before the storm comes, we shall see.
I also posted a few more pics on the photography blog of the Jackson that are priceless and my favorites so far. .. you'll see why.
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