Friday, July 17, 2009

First, I apologize for the fuzzy picture. So, Jackson has been obsessed with dump trucks, tractors, anything that moves dirt really. They are building a huge hospital next to our house and he will spend hours outside watching the tractors and dumptrucks drive around. Luckily he has gotten some hotwheel cars that allow him the opportunity to do his own dumping and driving. This is what we caught him doing during dinner tonight. He piled corn into the back of a pickup... how funny is that? What an imagination this kid has. But seriously, I will be shocked if this kid doesn't grow up and say he wants to be a dump truck driver when he gets older.
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The Ponderer said...

LOL!!!! Jackson was so creative with his corn and truck. That is so cute. Mav loved his dump trucks and his cat Sam got the ride of his life in his Tonka dump truck.