Friday, July 24, 2009

Bath Time
This is the first time we let Jackson help with bath time and it may be the last. Lets just say it looks cute but Jackson is not exactly the Gentle Giant.

I am sure Westyn is thinking who let this kid get a hold of the washcloth? Seriously, would an adult please step in before I get water up my nose.
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Leslie said...

Madie loves to help with bathtime, but when she does we end up with more water in the floor than in the bathtub! I have found it is much easier if I just put her in the big bathtub and let her play while I give Hadley her bath in peace!! To answer you question you left me, I am nursing Hadley, I did Madie until she was a year and so far it is going really well with Hadley. She is a big girl, I wanted her to stay little for a while, but that isn't happening, its kinda sad it is going by so fast!