Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Big News.......
I think it is safe to finally let the word out that Shaun and I will.....
not be having any more of babies.... why you ask? Well, take a hard look at this cute and adorable red head..

I hate to say it but I am afriad this little rascal has ruined his chances of being a big brother! Partly kidding here, we may give it a few years and re-think it; but we are too busy right now w/ our little man!

We finally got our two year check up in. You weigh 32 pounds buddy and seemed to be in the 95th percentile in about every category. I think you may be taller than Jack was at 2.

Caliou, Dino Dan, and Dinosaur Train are your favorite shows and you and your brother aggervate each other just like me and Michelle. You really aren't into toys but will occasionally play w/ cars and it is sweet to watch you lay on your side and scoot the cars along. (I will get a picture of this soon I hope) You mostly get into my stuff or anything you aren't supposed too.

Gross... you do this a lot! I tell myself it is normal, and I really do think it is... I just don't remember your brother doing it. You love playing in dirt, any and all kinds of dirt. AND, you are a crazy man in the water. I truly believe you are the reason why God got me into lifeguarding when I was young.
Even though you keep us on our toes, your hugs are the best I have ever had. And your sweet little voice melts my heart everytime I hear it. So happy to have you in our family and can't believe you are becoming such a big boy already.

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