Monday, March 28, 2011

I feel like such a slacker.. I have posted in well over a week but to my defense I have been a little busy.

I don't really what all has been taking so much of our time other than life itself! We have managed to do everything under the sun (except the laundry-which I tried to get under control this weekend).

I have been walking w/ my friend/coworker Anne over the past couple of weeks and that has been fantastic for my energy. Shaun is working on building an outdoor bar and that has been interesting. I think it is safe to say he is about half way done. Our plan is put in a mini fridge and trash can on one side and then a place for all the outdoor toys. He has been using most of the old lumber the old homeowner left behind but I think that luxury {still questionable if it was the best idea} is about up. One day, soon I hope, we will have an awesome back porch that is kid friendly and "adult" friendly. Now I just need a spot to plant some amazing colorful plants. I have quite a few pots already.

The boys are good. Westyn smoked his head yesterday and has a massive knot on his head... poor kid. This weekend he decided that the lady on Monsters and Aliens {Think that is the name of the movie (voice of Reese Witherspoon)} is "momma". I am totally okay w/ that even though I haven't actually seen the movie. She is hot on the cover of the DVD case though and I bet she is cool too! Jackson and I did have been doing some heavy duty wrestling and I think he is actually a little scared of me. Isn't that how it should be? I have been thinking about his birthday party on April 9th and I am pretty sure it will have no theme.. I just like to flow like that. Last years it was Dinosaurs and Soccer Balls, year before that.. I don't remember.. but I am just going to keep it calm and stress free.

Here is a picture of my sweet boys!! They are fighting more and more these days and I think I am about to just give up on trying to make us all get along. Shaun and I have been trying out different techniques on who to let win these fights and I still don't like any of the results. Westyn is down right mean, and Jackson just likes to aggervate. I am sure this is normal behavior but man, it is hard to watch all day.

Speaking of normal, this is our normal family!
Half of the group is always happy and the other half is usually a mess.

And on a totally different note.. MY NEW FAVORITE!!!

I am not really a Coke drinker, and I don't really go after advertising.. but seriously love this stuff..

And this stuff..
They are awesome!!


Tarin said...
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Tarin said...

For Jack's first Birthday, he and I were wearing Sponge Bob party hats and there were homemade cupcakes and cake. His 2nd Birthday, I'm pretty sure was Elmo themed, but I'm not positive. :D