Friday, December 31, 2010

Well, it is New Year's Eve
Shaun is asleep on the couch, boys are nestled in their beds
Now is my time to catch up on blogging..
I was off work this entire week and all I did was this..
Picture 1: Day 1 of not feeling well.

Day 2: Doctor's Visit (2 hours of waiting w/ a sick 18 month old-need I say more)

Days 3-5: This is what I saw the rest of the week while I sat in the recliner and held a sick kid with pink eye and an ear infection who would do nothing but sit in your lap all day.

Piper resting.

These cute little feet.

A very good big brother finding ways to amuse himself

DINO DAN.. this is all Westyn would want to watch. He would seriously through a fit if I changed it to any other cartoon.  Dan gets on my nerves so you can imagine what watching it for 3 days straight does to a person.  I have started referring to my kids as meat and plant eaters.

All and all I loved getting to spend the week with the boys, even though it wasn't much of a vacation.

I did try to put on a puppet show to amuse the clan of sick ones..(Shaun came down w/ pink eye as well) I am the only one that has managed to come thru this ok. I have been fighting allergies, but my fight is working so far. (knock on wood).

Jackson seemed to enjoy it, Westyn was probably going upstairs.

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