Sunday, December 19, 2010

Eating with my spoon....

 The boy is a little crazy about spoons so I thought I would give him a half empy container of applesauce to go to town.. this is the result....
                                                          "Hey, I can do this, easy stuff!!!!"

 Why is big brother getting a bowl of cereal and I am stuck w/ this fruit stuff, you know I won't eat it!
 You can tell by his face that he isn't too fond of the applesauce. Why? What kid doesn't go for applesauce? Mine apparently
 I guess I will go back for seconds.. just for the fun of it.
 Oh No you don't.. here is goes, straight to dumping it out after about two attempts.  This is why the kid doesn't need a spoon. 
And Big Brother just hangs out and watches..........been there.. did that!

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