Monday, November 15, 2010

Finally, a blog post!
Almost a month and I am sure all of you have all but forgotten about my blog.. I am sure you came to check daily, maybe weekly and saw nothing. My apologies! I will try to make this post triple in size to make up for all your wasted time!

Let me start w/ pictures of the house. I have posted many of these on facebook, but some of you prefer the blog, myself included.

 I consider my fireplace art to be my memory wall... thank you Pottery Barn... haha.. although none of these things actually come from there.

 The Outside ROCKS!!! It is one of the best yards we have come across! Can't wait to spend a nice warm summer day in the shade out here!

Kid in motion.. had to throw this one out there.

Blogger and I aren't really getting along lately. They keep telling me I can't upload certain pictures...I guess that is probably a good thing, but frustrating.

We are getting settled in our new home and very excited about our new opportunities. I have another awesome team to work with that I love dearly and Shaun feels great leading his new team. I will share many more pictures soon. Miss all the great people we have left behind-- but we will see you again soon!

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