Thursday, September 02, 2010

Fun Ideas...
For those of you who know me, you know I love to decorate.  My house is like my shrine where I get to be creative, but my ideas have been dead in the water lately.
Since we are going to be moving I am wanting to make a gallery of my ideas (or those of others that I really like).. so that someday.. I can create the artwork and enjoy it...

These are some ideas I love from

I love all the frames hung on the wall just like so in this picture... espcially since I am loving taking
pictures of the family.. some of them can actually have pictures in them.. while I like the others just being blank.. or with fabric in them.

I love the spools of yarn in the bowl on top of a stack of books in this one.. this would be a good distraction for the little guy when I am trying to get dressed in the mornings..

And I love the different boxes/baskets on this bench.. and of course the bench is super cool!
The problem is that all of the things I like don't really have a common style theme... oh well I guess..

Now for some other cool ideas from

Love this concept in a playroom and the framed piece on top w/ pictures!!

And who wouldn't love the idea of floating beds... These are so awesome!

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