Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Sunday....

I took the boys up to the two neighborhood ponds on Sunday while Shaun was golfing. I thought it felt cooler but we were all hot and wet when we got back... ugh!  Jackson threw rocks in the water and looked for bugs like most 3 year old boys and Westyn was content in the stroller. Wes is getting his molers and man, not a fun time.  You forget about teething like you forget about childbirth.

Lucky for mom going outside is always a promise for smiles....

My boys amaze me so much..usually it is all good, but there are somethings (ie.. hard headedness) that are not pleasant!

We attempted a family photo after church.. did not go well, which I suspected. We are blurry but I am glad the front door is in focus.. what?  Oh well, I will keep practicing.

We have had a very exciting week and it isn't over yet! I am photographying a wedding tomorrow and so excited!! Hope everyone has a good week and God Bless.

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