Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two posts in one week... wow.. almost unheard of!  I am trying to write this while the boys are amusing themselves and I don't know how much is going to get written!  Westyn is cutting a moler so he has been awake since 5:30 a.m.  nice.. right?  I tried to get him back down but it wasn't happening.
This picture is a prime example of how his moods have been swinging lately!!! He is usually such a content little guy. 

So, while I am trying to buy time before they go to Jenna's I decided to try to reorganize the toys again.. why do I do this? Seriously? These kids have so much stuff.  If there is a batman we have him..or many stinkin dinosaurs!! I am thinking I am going to have to invest in some type of locks for the cabinets.

It is hard to tell in this photo but Jackson is playing w/ his tractors in the fireplace. Shaun hates that I let him do this but I remember as a child Michelle and I taking our hotwheels outside to play in the gravel. 

Breaking News: Jackson just ran outside to pee... yet another habit we are trying to break.

I think if I work slow enough I can get them in the car and out the door soon... 

So I am attempting to add more to these posts besides pictures but thanks to my very active little guys this is proving to be just as impossible as I expected.. Until next time..

Some sweetness to end on! And my apologies for all the typos, they seem just natural to me since usually I am too busy to go back and read what I wrote.  I was never good with english and grammer.. until next time...

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