Sunday, March 07, 2010

The End to a short little trip.
There is a really awesome park in Tulsa where there is a massive dog park. This is the spot Shaun picked to go fishing. We can't wait to bring the dogs out there, but not when we have both kids. I have never seen so many dogs. I have a few pictures to post, but this post alone is taking forever for some reason.
"You guys go ahead and fish without me, I will just sit here and stare at all those dogs over there"
Fishing is for the birds!!
Some people think I look like my dad, I guess I do. Just wish I had hair already.
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Tarin said...

Wes, you do look like your Dad. Why do you want hair, your Dad doesn't have any. :D

Emma said...

Weston, Good luck with that hair thing!