Monday, November 16, 2009

Jackson @ 2 and half...

I keep looking at all these blogs that leave updates on their kids... um, well, I need to do that so I don't forget. Let me start w/ Jackson. He is obsessed with his Dinosaurs. They go everywhere with him. He did really dig the superheroes, you know.. the supermans, batmans..etc.. but now we are back on the dinosaur train.. but NO he will not watch Dinosaur train on PBS?? I don't understand. He is basically saying every word imaginable and has decided to become a picky eater lately. He still loves bath times and hanging on the dogs. His only concept of playing is being rough, which I am not keen on. He now thinks that anytime a grandparent comes over they will have a "present"' for him. When you bring bags in from the grocery store, he goes through all of them looking for "presents". Great, huh? He is definitely keeping our crazy life crazy and busy.

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