Friday, July 10, 2009

Baby Westyn at 3 weeks old!! I can't believe he is almost a month old already. He already weighs 9 pounds, that means he has gained a pound a week the last two weeks. He may pass his brother on the charts! He has been such a good baby thus far. His hair appears to have a lot more red in it than I remember Jackson's, so this might be a little red head boy??? Only time will tell!

He had the hiccups in this picture where I am kissing him!! It does kind of look like he is wanting to kiss me back...which would be sweet, but I don't think that is what he is attempting to do.
So, I am not sure who he looks like....Feel free to share any thoughts you may have.
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Leslie said...

Christie, he is precious!! He will just as handsome as Jackson, but I am not sure who he looks like yet. Glad everything is going great for yall, they grow up way to fast!!

The Ponderer said...

Christie, He is as beautiful as Jackson is. We hope to see him soon. At first I thought he looked like Shaun, however, the kiss picture I see you. We miss you guys and know you have your hands full. Lov Debbie