Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Edwards Update.
I don't have any cool pictures to post, just thought I would give everyone an update on the fam. Shaun is in Miami this week to attend the National Championship game with his friend Chad. I think they are having a blast already so it should be a good week. I am enjoying the week with Jackson. He has already been giving me a run for my money. Our project this week it to keep playing with the potty. It has already back-fired on me a couple of times. Jackson doesn't seem to want to put his diaper back on after we take it off. I literally have to chase him down, use my feet to hold him down, put the diaper on and throw some pants on him while he is screaming. Chaos is the best way to describe it.
Baby #2 seems to be doing well. I am feeling much better and less tired so that is great news! We will find out on the 28th what this little baby is! I am so excited to find out since we actually already have names picked out.

Other than that all is as well as it can be. Hope everyone has a great week and I promise to post some new pics up soon!

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The Ponderer said...

Heard you were in our proximity this past week. But know you will be around a lot more in the future!

Look foward to seeing you more often!